By Lukas Eggen Ely Times Staff Writer

With White Pine County Commissioner filing a lawsuit against Cheryl Noriega, Tim McGowan, James Adams and the Ely Jet Center on claims of defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress and civil conspiracy. Adams said they are working to review the document before moving forward.

“(We don’t have a response) at this time,” Adams said. “We just got this stuff and we’re reviewing it. Most of what he brought up in the lawsuit, other than his character was damaged in all of this, most of it we’ve heard before from him. We’re in the process right now of contacting our attorney and establishing that course so we can give an adequate response.”

The three individuals signed a notice of intent for a recall election earlier this summer. The copy of materials The Ely Times received by the County Clerk’s office was not the final edition turned into the State, Adams said, and it was inadvertently released to the public. Adams wrote:

What was released was my draft, not intended for public distribution until it had been reviewed and edited for accuracy. The error was in regard to the age and condition of the Ely Times Building and was inaccurate. The actual Times building was built in the late 1990s and as such, the structure is in solid condition. I have submitted the corrected statement that is now in circulation with the recall.

Adams said they have not decided on an attorney to represent them, but said they will hire council from out of town. While Lemich filed a lawsuit against them, Adams said they are still working to collect signatures for the recall petition. They must collect 25 percent of the number of voters from that election.

“It’s going along,” Adams said. “In fact, we’ve seen very few people in the areas that I’ve gone too, which mainly at this point have been the more outlying areas. We’ve found a very positive response. Very positive. We’re not finding the negative response that I know we’ll see more of once we get into the city limits themselves. But so far, we’ve had a good showing of support.”

While Adams, Noreiega and McGowan face a lawsuit filed by Lemich, Adams said he isn’t surprised about Lemich’s actions.

“It’s sad that he did this,” Adams said. “To me, and this is my opinion, this is typical Mike Lemich trying to bully people, trying to intimidate people because he was “called into account”. We were just exercising the right of a citizen.”

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