By Lukas Eggen Ely Times Staff Writer

The Nevada Commission on Ethics ruled on charges brought before the board by Keith Carson earlier this year.

The allegations centered around two meetings, one in August of 2012 and one in October of 2012 where City Councilman Dale Derbidge failed to disclose a potential conflict of interest in voting on matters affecting JCR, in which he has a business relationship with one of the contractors.

JCR submitted a bid for the Water Project. Derbidge didn’t disclose his business relationship during the meeting.

From the Commission’s ruling:

“As he was advised by the Ely City Attorney, Derbidge should have disclosed sufficient information regarding his business relationships with Jones via Sagebrush 66 and JDD, a person to whom he had a commitment in a private capacity as a substantial and continuing business associate, to inform the public of the nature and extent of his relationship with Jones and Jones’ interests in the Water Project. The disclosure should have also included information regarding the potential effect of Derbidge’s public action or abstention on Jones’ interests.

…Derbidge likewise should have abstained from voting on matters with respect to which the independence of judgment of a reasonable person in Derbidge’s situation would be materially affected by his commitments in a private capacity to the interests of others, including matters affecting Jones’ private interests in the substantial Water Project contract.

…For the willful violation, Derbidge will pay a total civil penalty of $1,000 pursuant to NRS 281A.480 on or before Dec. 31, 2013, in one lump sum payment or in monthly installments as negotiated with the Commission’s Executive Director.”

According to the ruling, Derdbidge voluntarily waived a full hearing before the Commission on allegations as well as his right to any judicial review of the matter.

The full ruling can be read at

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