By Lukas Eggen

This past weekend, I attended a life long friend’s wedding. I have been friends with the bride for almost as long as I can remember, since the early days of elementary school. As I caught up with old friends, some who I haven’t seen in over a decade, I realized just how far we have come.

Throughout my life, I’ve lived in three states and six cities. During that time I’ve met a large number of people and have met some of my best and closest friends at each place. In the past two years, two of my closest friends got married. Another is engaged. Yet another is in a long-term relationship. It’s a very weird feeling thinking about how far we’ve come in our lives.

These are friends who I’ve spent countless hours playing sports and video games with. Or just hung out, watched movies, or went for walks with. These are people who, when we first met, our biggest worry was finding something to do to keep us entertained the next day.

And now, here we are, going our separate ways. We’re all grown up. Way back when, adulthood seemed like such an abstract and scary thought. Today, we’re hurling ourselves at the adult world at a rapid pace.

As I reconnected with a friend from more than 15 years ago and seeing old aquaintances from long ago, I resolved to be better. In today’s world where we all try and do more and more, I’ve been guilty of placing too much of an emphasis on work. No longer.

Of course, I will always be dedicated and give all that I can to my job. But no longer will I go years between talking to friends. No longer will I be the friend that people wonder about. I will be the friend that I should be, the friend that they can always count on. the one that will support them any way I can and the one that will be there to lift them up during their lows and help celebrate their highs.

For better or for worse, my job is my life. But it won’t be all of my life. Jobs come and go. It’s the friends that I’ve made through the years, the true friends that I have, who will be there thick and thin.

I went to Oregon for a wedding. What I got was a reminder that sometimes, there are far more important things than work, even if it’s just catching up with an old friend.

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