By Lukas Eggen

America’s pasttime is under seige once again. With Major League Baseball announcing the suspensions of 13 players because of connections to Biogenesis, despite never failing a single drug test, this is another black mark in the steroid era. It’s an unfortunate, troubling, frustrating and necessary day to move baseball forward.

And yet, Alex Rodriguez failed to get the memo. A-Rod is the only player to appeal his suspension. The MLB thinks it has enough evidence to effectively end his career, suspending him through the 2014 season. And A-Rod wants to drag this out.

A-Rod is worse than Lance Armstrong. He lied about taking steroids. Then he lied about how long he’s taken steroids. In a recent story about him, A-Rod said he still wanted to be a role model for children. After his first “confession” he said he was joining an anti-steroid program. He said he wanted to set an example. And he has. He’s an example of how to avoid wasting all the talent in the world, of feeding ego and self-delusion.

MLB was willing to turn its head to the steroid use while it helped the league in the 90s, when Mark Macguire and Sammy Sosa led a revival in popularity. Now they’re finally getting around to making the league more honorable.

What do I think about A-Rod? He’s a liar, a cheat and someone who deserves no more respect than Armstrong. He took advantage of the system, despite holding all the physical and mental tools to be successful. He stood in front of a TV camera and denied using steroids. He stood in front of countless fans who adored him, children who looked up to him and said he learned from his mistake.

Apparently he learned how to cheat some more.

I know there’s a contigent of people who are tiring of the steroid story. I am not one of them. Just because this story has taken a while to come out and is taking even longer to purge from the game, doesn’t mean we should stop.

In a sport built on records, which holds names like Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth in high regard because of their numbers, anyone who cheats to fudge those numbers deserves to be banned.

Do I feel sorry for A-Rod? The answer is no. He failed to learn his lesson, even after getting caught once. He has the audacity to sit in front of honest men and women and say that he wanted to be a shining example for children to follow.

And now, he’s fighting off what many feel is inevitable. It’s time he just disappears. He has no shot at the Hall of Fame. He has lost the respect of many, myself included. And now it’s time he lets baseball move on.

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