Dear Editor,

Last night our family was treated to a fabulous astronomy program, given by Kevin Manning, retired astrophysicist. Lest readers think this was a dry lecture, let me tell you it wasn’t, not by a long shot! Mr. Manning loves the universe (his own words!) and is willing to share with others, seeking to ignite similar sparks of interest in his audience. As promised, his presentation was for all ages; we had some youngsters and some oldsters (like me), all of whom learned quite a bit, regardless of our previous exposure to astronomy.

After his power point and verbal presentation, including everything from humorous graphics to awe-inspiring videos of our solar system and beyond, we trooped outside to have a look at Saturn and one of its moons. With his telescope, we could see the space between Saturn’s rings (this is a quz, do you know the name of it?); each of us got ot see this, and some of the stars/planets were pointed out that were visible from our spot next to the Duck Pond. Even a gentleman who hadn’t been in our group got the opportunity to see this awesome planet; Mr. Manning told us we were seeing Saturn as it was 90 mintues ago, as it takes that long for light from that planet to reach Earth!

We are very fortunate to have participated in this exciting program; I thank Mr. Manning for his spelendid presentation and I especially thank our County Library for bringing this to the community. My only wish to make it better, was that more people had come to participate.

Oh, the answer to the quiz? The space is know as the Cassini division!

Susan, Tim and Jonathan Lujan

Dear Editor,

I would really like to extend a huge thank you to the kind lady who paid for mine and my friend’s lunch at La Fiesta on Wednesday, July 31. It was certainly a very nice and unexpected surprise. I had been having a very bad week and to have you do something so kind really made my day so much happier. Thank you so very much, you’ll never know what that meant to my friend and me.

Thank you again for your sweet kindness,

Paula Moore and Karen Nielsen

Dear Editor,

I sent a letter to the editor a short time ago about a parking ticket I received in Ely. In that letter, I questioned the policy of 2 hour parking in a tourist-based town.

While all the facts in my letter were accurate, I did make one error: My google search for the Ely Times inadvertently selected Ely, NEVADA rather than Ely, Minnesota.

Imagine my surprise (and later, chagrin) when the sheriff of Ely, NV, contacted me to tell me that there were no records of any ticket in my name, and that he was concerned I had been scammed.

My apologies to your fine city and thank you to the sheriff for being so proactive in contacting me. I have no doubt you treat guests in your town very well, and I look forward to visiting your town in the future. My next letter will be to the Ely Times of MINNESOTA. Sorry for any confusion or hard feelings my error may have caused!

Richard Van Eck

Dear Editor,

Part of President Obama’s response to the George Zimmerman trial verdict, was that “black men are used to being feared.” I think that is true. With all the (pre-Martin shooting) black on white violence such as the “knock-out game” where black-blacks single out a white person and beat them until they are unconscious (or in some cases dead) and black-black mob civil disobedience including flash raiding and plundering of retail stores (all of which goes unreported by the mainstream media), black-blacks resent the intimidation of deadly force self-defense laws like Stand-Your-Ground. They would like to make it illegal, or very punitive, for a white person to kill a black person in self-defense or in defense of anyone else.

George Zimmerman was found not guilty in a court of law the same way O.J. Simpson was. You didn’t see whites rioting, demonstrating and blocking freeways when that overt travesty of justice was handed down.

They say that if you want to be a millionaire, you should start by acting like one. If black-blacks want to feel equal with whites, and blacks that do, they should start acting like white and black people and we would be a happier, more peaceful and prosperous country without restricting gun rights.


Michael W. Jarvis

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