Learning Bridge Board of Directors will keep White Pine County and the Learning Bridge Community current regarding progress toward the August 26 opening. Frequently asked questions have also been answered below

•Out of area teachers have moved into town

•Learning Bridge will have a booth at the White Pine County Fair, come by and gather information concerning Learning Bridge.

•Parents please check out “Friends of Learning Bridge” our non-profit organization

•The limited amount of construction needed is underway

•Children will experience art, music (instrumental in grades 3, 4, 5 and 6) and an organized physical education program on a daily basis

•Chinese curriculum has arrived

•Each classroom has their grade specific material

•Staff continues to have their organizational meetings

•The administrator has set up a mentoring process for our teachers

•Community as well as individuals continue to donate material to Learning Bridge

•Check our website for dates and locations of our Board Meetings

•Although some grade levels are full, there is an advantage to filling out registration forms now. This will allow for quicker enrollment or lottery participation if a vacancy occurs during the school year.

•Registration packets are available on-line

•Completed registration packets may be taken to Nevada Bank and Trust in care of Karri Bath or mailed to Learning Bridge P.O. Box 150653 Ely, NV 89315

Please contact Julie Krch 289-3587 or Mary Flanagan at 435-590-6342 for any questions concerning the opening of Learning Bridge Charter School. www.elylearningbridge.org