By Lukas Eggen Ely Times Staff Writer

The White Pine County Commission did not approve Ordinance 450, Bill No. 08-10-2013 pertaining to the operation of OHV’s on public roads because of a lack of a second. County Commissioner Mike Coster moved to approve the ordinance, but it died for lack of a second. County Commissioners John Lampros, Laurie Carson, Richard Howe and Mike Lemich said they support the passing of an ordinance, but felt some refinements needed to be made.

“I think the ordinance is necessary but I think we should incorporate the city of Ely they should be considered not just the townships listed on the ordinance,” Lampros said. “I think there are also some other refinements that we should do prior to even looking at it. There were a lot of things brought up today and I appreciate it I thought it was very informative for me.

“I do think we should tune it up a little better we do have the NRS… we do need to consider that because it is a state law and we do need to consider some of those items in our ordinance. We’re on the right trail of going forward but I do think we have some tuning up to do.”

Coster said he believed the ordinance didn’t need to be fine tuned any more and that new legislation in the NRS does not make the ordinance unnecessary. The county received more than 80 written comments on the ordinance. None opposed it.

Sheriff Dan Watts and Road Supervisor Bill Miller spoke against the ordinance during the meeting.

The commission voted on the following items:

• Approval of right-of-way grant N-45224 renewal for Baker cemetery road, a non-standard county road.

• Approval to take all necessary steps to seek the approval of extension of time for permit no. 71541 in order to seek or prove beneficial use at Laccawanna Fire Station 10” well.

• Approval to accept EJC Foundation Grant funds in the amount of $6,015. There is no match required.

• Approval of resolution no. 2013-10, which establishes the 2013 White Pine County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Committee.

• Approval of appointments of members to serve on the White Pine County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Committee for 2013. Commissioner Coster voted against the item.

• Approval of letter of acceptance for Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act project WP01: The Nevada Northern Railway Interpretive Trails project.

• Approval of letter of support for Commnet of Nevada regarding placement of a cell phone tower that may allow for expanded internet and broadband capabilities within White Pine County.

• Approval of change order no. 1 per SNPLMA WP03 at $60,660.09 and change order no. 1 per SNPLMA WP04-WP-6 at $78,294.34, verbally approved by Jeff Wilbanks to utilize 8.5 percent of the awarded 10 percent contingency fund balance. No expenses will be incurred by the county.

• Approval to accept FAA grant to conduct wildlife hazard assessments at the WPC Ely/Yelland Field airport in the amount of $75,000.

• Approval to appoint Mike Simon as temporary interim acting EMS Supervisor.

• Approval of the recommendations from the building sub committee meeting on Aug. 5. Commissioner Coster voted against the item.

• Approval to award the bid for the McGill Senior Center front entrance renovation project to Shell Creek Construction for $84,903. The county received three bids but the two lowest bids were disqualified as non-responsive bidders.

• Approval of proposed FY 2013 to 2022 transportation system projects for White Pine County. Nevada Department of Transportation representatives were on hand to present the proposed projects. Commissioner Coster voted against the item.

The commission also received an update on its recruitment of a Fire District Chief. The county will advertise for the position after Thomas Hyatt, whom the county interviewed earlier this year, had a salary requirement greater than the county’s salary range for the position.

The next county meeting will be 9 a.m. on Aug. 28. All county commission meetings are open to the public.

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