By Lukas Eggen Ely Times Staff Writer

The Ely City Council voted to approve granting dog owners 30 days (from Aug. 22) to update shots and obtain licenses for any unlicensed dogs they may own during its meeting last Thursday.

“I would like a definite date to say after this, you have to have your dogs licensed or you’re in violation,” Councilman Randy Lee said.

The city council also voted to approve granting a 30-day (also from Aug. 22) amnesty period for owners of three dogs. Dog owners who own two dogs can’t obtain a third dog and, for owners who take advantage of the amnesty program, once a third dog dies, it can’t be replaced.

“Animal control was not enforcing this in the past and a lot of people do have three dogs,” Councilman Bruce Setterstrom said. “There was such a controversy with people not wanting to raise it to three, people wanting three or more, I think the best idea is if you currently have three dogs, we’re going to allow you to go down and keep your three dogs, license them and get your shots for 30 days. After that, the law is till two dogs.”

The items saw several individuals speak during public comment both for and against the items.

In another action, the city council voted deny a motion to request to waive landfill fees and penalties accrued prior to Ilma Blackmore’s death on 22 Sixth St., 24 Keystone St. 26 Keystone St. and 34 Sunshine St. in Ruth. Attorney Kirsty Pickering is representing the estate in the matter and said the city failed to file a notice of creditor in the 60-day time period last fall and winter. Pickering said her client is willing to pay water bills from the date of death to current, but said if the council voted against waiving landfill fees, it would be taken up in district court. Commissioner Mike Coster spoke during public comment on the issue.

“The prior commission barely over a year ago made a fatal mistake by deciding a couple bucks don’t matter to utility payers in this community and that’s exactly what you’re looking at,” Coster said. “I think some of you are thinking that you’re Santa Claus. Every waiver puts less teeth in your ability to collect bills around here.”

Councilmen Setterstrom and Marty Westland voted for waiving the fees. Councilmen Lee, Sam Hanson and Dale Derbidge voted against it.

The city council also voted on the following items:

• Approval of the White Pine Historical Railroad Foundation Management Board’s request to reappoint Carl Marsh as a member of the management board. Marsh’s term will expire on Sept. 30, 2017.

• Approval of a home occupation permit to Linda Davies to conduct Spools & Tools Embroidery, located at 1291 16th St. east in Ely.

• Approval to install safety measures on Avenue A at the Railroad Depot.

• Approval to approve Westland proposal regarding the reorganization of the administrative structure of the City of Ely.

• Approval to solicit proposals for legal services for the City of Ely.

• Quash consideration to accept proposals from Kevin Briggs and Richard Sears to perform criminal prosecution and administrative and civil legal duties, respectively.

• Approval to accept the notice of lease termination on the Ellen Hays parking lot lease from the Roman Catholic Bishop of Las Vegas. (Hanson was absent for all the remaining votes because of required attendance at Back to School night.)

• Approval to waive the Zoo’s adoption fees in the amount of $475 for the 19 dogs found in one household by the Sheriff’s Office on Aug. 8.

• Quash consideration to waive all future adoption fees for the Zoo.

• Approval to begin surveying and appraisal processes of approximately 13,000 square feet of City property lying south of the Mt. Wheeler Power Gianoli Substation.

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