I do hope you made it to the Farmers Markets. Those Utah peaches, I could eat a whole bushel. Vi Thompson bought me two, what a wonderful lady. The hot dogs weren’t bad either and the cook was friendly.

I have some papers to apply for passed due bill payments. This can cover most any bill. You must be a senior and you must contact me at 289-6323.

I heard a rumor that a local election was won by a draw of a card. Is this true? Let me know.

I have special request from Paula at Tri County Weed. She fell in love with a quilt at the fair and would like to buy it. If you made the blue jean quilt please call her at 289-6341.

We had a big winner in the senior center drawing. Charlene Romer won the cooler. If you want s’mores, go to her house.

Chris has another drawing planned. I saw the prize, you will want it.

RSVP members, I am looking for people to read to students at the new Charter School.

Please call if you feel this job will fit you.

Bingo – Vi did not win, but Nancy Kobasziar was the big winner.

Everyone is asking about George and Ben Llama, they were good boys this week. But they partner in crime, Duke. Duke is a very big dog. My son left the gate open and Duke went for a walk, not far, but he would not come back. Just sat there and looked at me.

I got in the jeep and went for him. Of course he would not get in. I followed him to the llama’s gate and I got out and let him in. They licked faces, ran and played. Then they took a nap. What a site.

September is here and it is safe to drive in the daytime. There are many things to do, like the Farmer’s Market.

August 31 there is Member-Guest at the White Pine Golf Course.

September 7 there is the Rockin & Rollin Geology Train.

September 14 Bull Riding (now this is a lot of fun)

September 20 is the Food Distribution

Carol Hunt came up with another. What happens to an electric eel when put in salt water?

Fascinating facts – Emily Dickinson wrote more then nine hundred poems, only four of which were published during her lifetime.



A friend is one who pushes you in the swing, pulls you up the ladder, pats you on the back and hugs you good-bye.

Katherine N. Davis