The Great Basin Water Network will host the Water is Life! Concert featuring Trotta and Ronstadt at 3 p.m. Sept. 8 at the Border Inn in Baker. Donations of $15 per person or $35 per family required with 100 percent of admissions to benefit the GBWN. A community potluck will be held at 1:30 p.m.

“Michael Ronstadt currently resides in Boston but the Ronstadt family hails from Tucson, AZ and totally understands water’s importance in the West,” Border Inn co-owner Denys Koyle said. “When contacted about doing a fundraiser for us, David Trotta responded immediately with “We like your cause!” David Trotta is from NYC and James Dalton is from New Jersey. They are professionally trained musicians who charmed last year’s crowd. After the concert, they jammed for a couple of hours with local musicians. They relate to all ages and the teenagers and younger kids adore James.”

The GBWN and the Border Inn are partnering with the Old Capitol Days Festival to help split the cost of the band, which blends rock, blues and folk music in an acoustic setting. But the concert and potluck also serves as a way for opponents of the water pipeline to come together and show their support.

“Events like these are very important to show that the determination and interest in the water fight is sustained by local folks and people from other parts of the country and to raise money for the cause,” GBWN board member Abigail Johnson said.

Oral arguments concerning the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s proposed pipeline were held in June of this year, with a decision still forthcoming. Although they are waiting to see the judge’s decision in that case, Johnson said everyone is in good spirits about their fight against the water pipeline.

“Absolutely (they are hopeful),” Johnson said. “The more costly the water pipeline project is, the more it seems like a pipe dream and less of a real project. Sacrificing the environment and future of one part of the state for another is bad business and bad government. People around here saw the MX missile project come and go. They know that grandiose projects are not inevitable, if they keep up the fight and believe in the cause.”

The community pot luck is a chance for people to talk and find out more information about the GBWN and its cause, Johnson said. And the GBWN and Border Inn is hoping for a strong crowd at its event.

“Last year’s concert was popular and lots of fun,” Johnson said. “It worked out that the band was available, and they wanted to come back to support the water fight cause. They had fun too.”

As the GBWN and Border Inn gets set to host its Water is Life! Concert and potluck, everyone involved hopes that attendees have fun and come away with a sense of optimism for the GBWN’s cause of fighting the SNWA’s proposed pipeline.

“We hope people come away from the concert feeling happy, refreshed and hopeful,” Johnson said.

For more information about the event, please contact Koyle at 775-234-7300 or Johnson at 775-885-0612.