That rain was long, but boy does my lawn look good. Mowing it was not fun, so I had my son do it. The lambs loved eating the clippings.

My drawing is this week. You did remember to put a clipping in the box. No time cards please. The prize this time is a gift certificate from Margaritas. Some lucky person will soon be eating well. Thanks to Margaritas for the great gift.

We are all going to miss Betty Overston. I hope her life in Los Vegas is a long loving one.

September 15: The Bristlecone Bowmen Shoot. Why did I always hurt my arm when I shot the bow?

September 17: Board of Directors are having a meeting at Margaret’s.

September 19 & 20: 42nd Nevada Railway Symposium. You can learn how to work on the railroad. I wounded if they sing while they work. I may stop by to see.

September 21: There will be a half marathon along highway 93 and on to Cave Lake.

September 21: The Farmers Market at the Renaissance Village.

Did anyone guess who eats skunk? Well it is the horned owl. Carol wants to know which weighs more: A pigeon’s feathers or its bones?

The flu coming soon, so you better get the shot on Sept. 27 at the High School.

I think I made a mistake on the Food Distribution date. It will take place on September 24.


Monday: Baked Fish, Greek Roasted Potatoes, Zucchini and Fruit cocktail

Tuesday: Spaghetti w/meat Sauce, Veggies, Fruit and Garlic Bread

Wednesday: Turkey & Dumplings, Salad and Fruit

Thursday: Pork Chops, Rice, Stir Fry Veggies, Applesauce and Roll

Friday: Chicken Breast Grilled, Tomato Sauce over Noddles, Veggie, Fruit and Dessert

Fascinating Facts: The candies most likely to cause tooth decay are dark chocolate and fudge. Those least likely to damage the teeth are nut- or coconut-covered candies.

When friends ask, there is no tomorrow.

Old Proverb