Jesse Petersen goes for a loose ball during its loss to Whittell last Saturday. (Lukas Eggen photo)

Jesse Petersen goes for a loose ball during its loss to Whittell last Saturday. (Lukas Eggen photo)

By Lukas Eggen Ely Times Staff Writer

The White Pine High boys soccer team earned a 3-2 win against Yerington before falling 9-0 to Whittell last weekend. The team’s first regular-season home matches, started strongly against Yerington.

“They played really well, passed well and hustled,” coach Leif Tokerud said. “Our defense was very solid. We had people shifting and getting into position.”

That communication helped the Bobcats earn the victory, which included goals from Garrett Williams, who scored on a free kick from more than 50-yards out, and Dalton Evers.

“The teamwork came through really well and were able to score a couple of different ways,” Tokerud said.

That communication and teamwork was the main factor in the Bobcats’ victory, senior Jesse Petersen said.

“When we talk, we can play a lot better,” Petersen said.

The Bobcats fell behind quickly against Whittell, giving up a goal in the first three minutes of the match. From there, White Pine failed to find its footing during the match.

“The first half today they needed to move five more yards to get into position but they weren’t doing it,” Tokerud said. “That was the biggest problem in the first half and by then, when you’re down by four, it’s too late.”

Last weekend’s matches served as an example of the way White Pine’s season is going so far: play a strong matched followed by a lackluster match.

“That happened at Spring Creek too,” Tokerud said. “We played a really good game against Spring Creek, which was a top-notch high level game. It was just like this. We played very well against Yerington. We tried at the start against Whittell, but those little things add up and then after a while you’re going to drop your head. It’s hard to stay in there when you’re down by four.”

White Pine travels to play North Tahoe and Incline next weekend. For the Bobcats to be successful, the defense must communicate better. If that happens, White Pine can compete with any team it plays, Tokerud said.

“My defensive unit has to be more cohesive,” Tokerud said. “They’ve got to work together, they’ve got to be more of a unit because right now they’re really disjointed. They’re not talking and moving with each other. We have a decent offense if the defense will take care of their job.”

For the players, the Bobcats will look to continue playing at a high level, no matter what happens during the match.

“When we don’t give up, we do a lot better,” Senior Cody Brunson said.

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