Tainui Brewster looks to send the ball forward during its match against Whittell on Saturday. (Lukas Eggen photo)

Tainui Brewster looks to send the ball forward during its match against Whittell on Saturday. (Lukas Eggen photo)

By Lukas Eggen Ely Times Staff Writer

The White Pine High girls soccer team rolled to a 10-0 win against Yerington before falling to Whittell 4-0 at home last weekend. White Pine opened the weekend’s matches with a dominating performance.

“Against Yerington, our girls were really aggressive in terms of getting to the ball first and setting each other up to take shots,” coach Rebecca Bath said. “Yerington is not as skilled as us so it’s nice to see where we were able to get movement with the ball and a number of players were able to score goals.

“We were also able to move my defense around and get some people in different positions to see what it’s like.”

But that momentum failed to carry over against Whittell, as the Ladycats fell to 2-3 on the season.

“I think from a goalie’s perspective, in the Yerington match we definitely had a lot more communication and worked together more,” Amanda Allred said.

After getting a big win against Yerington, White Pine was shut out against Whittell and struggled to adjust to a different style of play during the first half.

“We played two very different teams,” Bath said. “Yerington is just a little bit less aggressive and physical. Whittell is very physical. To go from playing a less physical team to a very physical team, we have to transition that Whittell is a lot quicker and they’re going to put a body on us and try to box us out.”

But the Ladycats did see strong play from several individuals, including Samantha Gamberg and Delaney Marich on the offensive side and strong defensive play from Brittany Bennett, Bath said.

While the team lost, players said it was a good lesson going forward into the season.

“We found out some of the areas we need to work on, but I think we did pretty well,” Tainui Brewster said.

White Pine goes on the road to face North Tahoe and Incline and will provide stiff tests.

“They are equally as aggressive and some of those girls only focus on soccer,” Bath said. “Our focus is communicating a lot more and trusting that communication as well as getting to the ball first and to be aware of the other players are to know what we need to do with the ball once we get it.”

While White Pine split its matches last weekend, the matches, especially against Yerington, showed a glimpse of the team’s potential going forward.

“We are a good team,” Madison Collins said. “I know we can do some serious damage.”

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