Great Basin National Park Superintendent Steven Mietz announced the Invasive Plant Management Plan Environmental Assessment (EA) is now available for public review. This EA will be open to review for 30 days, Oct. 12.

Great Basin National Park is proposing to implement an Invasive Plant Management Plan throughout the park. The proposed plan is intended to provide guidelines for management actions that would be taken to reduce impacts of invasive plants to park ecosystems. This action would help the park meet its management mandates under the NPS Organic Act and conform to applicable Directors Orders.

The EA, prepared in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act, examines three alternatives: Alternative 1, the No Action Alternative, would not treat invasive plants by any method, nor would the park restore any areas infested with invasive species solely for the purpose of native plant restoration. Alternative 2, the proposed action, Implement Full Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies which would include inventory, monitoring and documentation, manual treatments, herbicide treatments, biological treatments, education and outreach, seed collection and storage, and restoration. Alternative 3, No Herbicide Use would allow for the use of all components of the IPM strategy with the exclusion of herbicide treatments.

Copies of the EA are available online at You may also request a CD copy through the park’s Planning Office by calling 775-234-7540. Hard copies are available for review at the Lehman Caves Visitor Center, the White Pine County Library, and EskDale Center.

Comments may be submitted through the park planning website or by mailing them to Attn: Planning, 100 Great Basin National Park, Baker, NV, 89311. Please submit comments no later than Oct. 12.