The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Ely District is urging the public to take extra caution when traveling on public lands due to the recent storms that have brought heavy rains to the area.
These heavy rains have caused flooding in some areas of the District washing away public roads previously in good condition.

“As these washouts are identified, we will focus on repairing or temporarily marking them as hazards.  Repair work priorities will be established based on those that pose a safety hazard or are blocking access.” said Rusty Jensen, Supervisory Operations Specialist.
Jensen is asking the public to call the Ely District if they come across a washed out road and submit photos, if possible. Roads will be tracked and repaired depending on severity and availability of personnel. Jensen can be reached at (775) 289-1920 or by email at

Some safety measures to be taken when traveling outside improved areas:
•    Try not to travel alone.
•    Always let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return.
•    Always travel with a first aid kit and supplies should you become stranded.
•    Make sure you have a spare tire.
•    Research your route prior to travel – Do not rely solely on a GPS device.
•    Don’t drive over a road if there is running water. You can’t always see what the water has done to the road surface.
•    Vegetation on two-track roads can hide wash outs and ruts.
•    Before crossing a drainage, no matter how small, make sure you can see there are no wash outs or holes – 30 seconds of looking in advance can save hours digging yourself out.