The Ely Renaissance Farmers Market ended its 2013 season one week early. The market was scheduled to run one more Saturday on Sept. 28, but weather forced an early closure.

“The Ely Renaissance Farmers market ended its season last Saturday and therefore will not be open again until next year,” Market Project Manager Phil Leibold said. “The projected final week of the market (this year September 28th) is always questionable because of early freezes affecting the produce.”
The Farmers Market provided locals and tourists a chance to buy fresh produce every Saturday during the summer. And while weather cut short the farmers market’s season this year, it was still a big success for everyone involved.

“This years market was very successful as a Renaissance Society fund raiser, for its participating vendors, and for our customers who had access to premium fruits and vegetables including certified organic, as well as being a great Saturday social event at the Village,” Leibold said. “This year we had a record number of seniors participating in the Nevada Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program.”

As the 2013 Farmers Market season comes to a close in Ely, Leibold said it was the help from its vendors and volunteers that made this year one of the best ones ever.

“As Market Project Manager, I would like to thank our volunteers who worked the market and picked up our produce from Fallon and Utah; without volunteers there would be no Renaissance Farmers Market,” Leibold said. “Next years market should be bigger and better (if mother nature cooperates). If you would like to help next year, give Phil Leibold a call, 289-8364 or Virginia Terry at 235-7417.”