By G Wop

Do you notice the cold in the morning? I sure do, the llamas like to be feed at daybreak. I don’t like to disappoint Ben and George.  Maybe they will stay home.

Halloween is coming. I hope you all dress up.

The railroad is asking for volunteers to spook the riders.  Give them a call, I’ll bet they can find a place for you. 289-2085.

Oct. 25 is the Children’s Community Halloween Party.  RSVP and the Senior Center will save a table.  We need candy for all the kids.  Please leave a bag or two at the Senior Center.

Oct. 26 the Lions Club is having a Punkin Chunkin. I think the over 50 gang needs your help. This should be fun and the prize is $50.

Bowling is under way.  So far the Wild Bunch is in the lead, but watch out Team X is closing in.  Come out to watch and join in the fun.
The answer to Carol’s question – no cats cannot taste sweet.

Monday: Surprise
Tuesday: Turkey Roast/Gravy, Stuffing, Veggies and Fruit
Wednesday: Baked Potato Bar with Fixing, Broccoli and Fruit
Thursday: Chief Salad, Roll and Fruit
Friday: Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry over Noodles, Banana Pudding and Banana

Fascinating Facts: John Bunyan, author of Pilgrim’s Progress, wrote most of his famous book while in jail.  He was imprisoned for twelve years for preaching without a license. That book is a hard read.

What seems to grow fairer to me as life goes by is the love and the grace and tenderness of it; not its wit and cleverness and grandeur of knowledge — grand as knowledge is – but just the laughter of children and the friendship of friends and the Cody talk by the fire, and the sight of flowers and the sound of music.
Eleanor Aleah Woods