Participants near the finish line at the Take It To The Lake.   (Photos courtesy of Ely Outdoor Enthusiasts)

Participants near the finish line at the Take It To The Lake. (Photos courtesy of Ely Outdoor Enthusiasts)

By Lukas Eggen
Ely Times Staff Writer

While many people look to relax on the weekends, last Saturday numerous participants and volunteers made their way toward Cave Lake to take part in the second annual Take It To The Lake.

“This year’s event went smoother than last year,” Ely Outdoor Enthusiasts President Nancy Herms said. “We had just over 40 reliable volunteers that made the event run smoothly. If you have a couple of no shows, it can really affect the outcome of our event.”
This year marked the second year of the race’s existence. And while the first year was successful, Herms said they took lessons learned to make this year even better.

“We learned from last year to have better coordination with our volunteers so they understand their specific duties and to have them stationed well in advance,” Herms said. “Also, I made sure all the participants understood the route and where they had to go.”
The Take It To The Lake featured multiple distances for people of all ages and fitness levels, including a half marathon (13.1 miles) and a 10-K (6.2 miles) and a kids fun run.

“It is a tough uphill course and I think offering a shorter route encourages some sign up who would have normally signed up for the half. Also, the fact that we allow people to walk the half and 10K with no time limit encourages individuals of all fitness levels to participate. In my opinion, it is a huge accomplishment whether you run or walk 13.1 miles.”

While the number of total participants decreased from 2012, the event’s reach across Nevada and the country grew. And as they look toward the future, Herms said they are hoping this trend of getting participants from across the country continues to grow.

“I hope we can reach out to other states and see an increase in numbers,” Herms said. “Although our numbers declined from 2012, we had participants from California, Arizona, Washington, Utah, Illinois and numerous towns across Nevada.”
As the Ely Outdoor Enthusiasts look for a bigger future for the Take It To The Lake, the group is also planning the return of another event that made its debut in Ely earlier this year.

“We will be planning the 2nd annual Color Me Ely in May of next year,” Herms said. “This event was very successful this year and should be even better next year. We want to thank all the sponsors and volunteers that contributed to our event. Without their support we could not offer White Pine County the half marathon, 10-K and kid’s fun run.”

The second annual Take It To The Lake may not have topped last year in terms of the number of participants. But it’s quickly establishing itself as a unique opportunity for locals. And it’s also becoming an event that is drawing long distance athletes and people of all fitness levels to take on a special challenge.
“I think this event is special because it challenges people in our community to try something they might have never tried before,” Herms said. “This year, we had two ladies who were in tears when they crossed the finish line. Seeing someone finish a personal accomplishment makes it worth the months of planning.”

Half Marathon
Men: 1. Benjamin Belisle, 2. Sean Rando, 3. Steve Zimmerman
Women: 1. Nicole Lovec, 2. Tina Perchetti, 3. Leslie Zimmerman

Men: 1. Seth Urbanowitz, 2. Jake Harp
Women: 1. Gretchen Baker, 2. Kalie Swails, 3. Carol Carlock
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