Three troops of girls scouts recently had a backyard camp out at Broadbent Park. (Courtesy photo)

Three troops of girls scouts recently had a backyard camp out at Broadbent Park. (Courtesy photo)

After weeks, of rain, wind, cold mornings and just plain crummy weather, the Heavens finally opened up and gave us some beautiful autumn weather. Two Girl Scout Troops from Ely and a Troop from McGill, joined together, for a Backyard Camp Out at Broadbent Park.

Friday afternoon, the tents went up and a swarm of 28 girls joined together for fun.
The three troops  were mixed and matched, so the girls could get to know each other.  Jenny Rowley was the leader for “The Ladybugs”(pink shirts), Mary Kerner for the  “Honey Bee’s,” (yellow) and Melody Van Camp for the “Dragonflies” (blue).
Opening ceremonies gave way to tent inspections, and  lots of girl chatter.  Michelle Thompson, head cook, barbecued tons of hot dogs for the hungry girls. While waiting for nightfall, the campfire and smores to start, the biggest thrill was the use of flashlites!
The evening was suprisingly warm, and three was singing by the campfire, lots of solos and poems by the girls and the smores, the appetites, (they had dinner only a couple of hours before). All that chatter gravited to the tents for a couple of hours and then quiet.

Saturday morning, the leaders hung bananas from the trees, hid the cereal, OJ and milk around the park for a scavenger breakfast hunt. Janet Van Camp, woke the troops up with her “rusty reveille” (she hasn’t played it for seven years). One of Renell Barney’s granddaugher’s  mentioned “that girl dosn’t play the trumpet very good!” But Janet got the point across.

After breakfast and  inspection, Leader Jenny took us on a fabulous “Nature Hike”  to the WP. Miss Graycee Sommervold, brought her flashlite along, hoping to use it, just one more time! We sang and marched all the way up and all the way down the mountain!

Lunch  was provided on the grass with sore feet and toes buried in the cool grass. To end their time together, they marched to Economy Drug of an ice cream cone.

The weekend was fun for the girls and exhausting for the leaders, most of the girl’s asked if we were spending another night.

The troop wants to thank the dads who helped with the tents, also Liz Speakman, Savannah Thompson, Mikki Van Camp and especially to Mike Cracraft and Crew for the use of the Park, what a fabulous facility.