Shooting sport1White Pine 4-H is proud to announce that 11 4-H youth participated in the 4-H State Shooting Sports in Las Vegas on Sept. 14.

The members who participated are:  Luke Finicum, Mason Hayward, Maggie Mae Wines, Jessie Leyba, Sadie Leyba, ShuRee Finicum, Alex Hill, Stefanie Backhaus, Caleb Parish, Tristen Egbert, and Kaden Egbert.

The fields of choice were Archery (barebow), Archery (freestyle), Air Pistol (limited), Air Pistol (unlimited), Air Rifle (unlimited), Air Rifle (limited), .22 Rifle (limited), .22 Rifle (unlimited), Muzzleloader, and Shotgun.
Of these categories, White Pine County had 12 medal placings.

Junior Shooters
Mason Hayward: Gold Medal winner for Archery (barebow), Air Rifle (unlimited), Shotgun, and winner of the Junior High-Point Shooter.
Luke Finicum: Gold Medal winner for Muzzleloader.   Silver Medal winner for Archery (freestyle), and Air Pistol (unlimited)

Intermediate Shooters
Jessie Leyba:  Silver Medal winner for Air Pistol (unlimited)
ShuRee Finicum:  Gold Medal winner for Air Pistol (unlimited)
Senior Shooters

Alexander Hill:  Bronze Medal winner for Air Pistol (unlimited)
Sadie Leyba:  Silver Medal winner for Air Rifle (limited), .22 Rifle (limited), and Muzzleloader

A big thank you to the Friends of NRA, especially to the local White Pine Committee, for their generous donations that make the 4-H shooting sports program successful.