As coach James Williams addressed the White Pine High football team after its 52-0 loss to Mountain View Christian, he said something that may surprise to those on the outside: “I’m not disappointed in you. “

“I think they legitimately enjoyed playing tonight,” Williams said. “The scoreboard was one story, but they came together as a team for the first time all year when something bad happened. And to their credit, nothing entirely bad happened.

“Offensively we turned the ball over more than we wanted to, but we had a quarterback in his first year at the position. Defensively, we didn’t give up any big plays, it was just their call beat our call.”

The loss was the third straight game White Pine failed to score, but Williams said the game was big for the team’s mental development for the future.

“On that front, it’s a huge positive for our mental outlook,” Williams said. “They were out there playing hard and they had fun. They’re going to go home feeling a lot better about themselves than they have all season.”

While the scoreboard may not reflect it, this season saw the players dig deep to keep fighting each week, Williams said.

“It would have been easy to quit and just give up and let things keep going down hill as far as our attitudes,” Williams said. “I’m proud of the way they came together this week.”

While Williams was proud of the way the Bobcats came together, there was one aspect he hopes to see changed for the team’s final home game on Friday: the crowd.

“I know the season is tough, but these kids work too hard to get what they got tonight in the stands,” Williams said. “I’m from Ely and I know how people feel about different things, but the kids need support and I hope they get it.”

As White Pine prepares for its final home game of the season, Williams said while the team hoped to send its seniors off with a better record, Friday night will see the team’s best effort.

“It’ll be tough and emotional week, but we will give our best on Friday night, that’s a guarantee,” Williams said.

White Pine plays The Meadows at 7 p.m. on Oct. 18 for its final home game of the season. The team will honor its seniors.