The Ely City Council voted to table consideration to contract with Sterling Codifiers to make Ely City Codes available online to do price comparisons on different services. Councilman Marty Westland put the item on the agenda.

“The reason for this is because, number one, I know that we are committed to pursuing a website and I personally have received quite a few comments from the public that would like to have access to the city codes,” Westland said. “If they were available online that would make them available to a lot of people quite conveniently.”

Sterling Codifiers would help the city codes remain up to date with any changes the council made throughout the year.

“Whenever we submit any kind of a change, they will incorporate it into the code book and supply the replacement pages,” Westland said. “The charge is $21 per page for every affected page. In other words, we might change one particular ordinance, but that change might affect several other places in the book.”

The cost for a year of Internet coverage, which could be linked to the city’s website once it’s made, would be $750 for the first year, Westland said.

“I am certainly willing to investigate other companies and see what this will cost,” Westland said. “This will be something that would essentially give us a little over a year of website coverage.”

Westland originally made a motion to contract with Sterling Codifiers, but the motion died for a lack of second.

The Ely City Council also voted on the following items:

• Approval to hold regular city council meetings on Nov. 14 and Dec. 12 while canceling the Nov. 28 and Dec. 26 meetings because of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mayor Jon Hickman said the council can still call a special meeting if the need arises.

• Approval of 2013 early renewal health coverage rates for the City of Ely employees. Approval would change the health coverage renewal date from Feb. 1 to Dec. 1.

• Tabling possible approval of the extension agreement between the City of Ely and the Ely Volunteer Fire Department for use of the Fire Hall for city public meetings.

• Approval of the first reading of Ordinance 662, Bill No. 2013-08, which amends ordinance 539, establishing the conditions for the City of Ely appointed officials.

• Approval of the review and possible amendment of Ely City Code Chapter 6, Article F: City Engineer, to reflect changes in the position.

• Approval of consideration of a revised excavation permit.

• Approval of clarification of fire hydrant fees.

The next city council meeting will be at 4 p.m. on Oct. 24. All city council meetings are open to the public.