By Patricia Orr-Fua

It was a dark and stormy night, well really it wasn’t.  It was a beautiful evening for the first annual run of the Ely Ghost Train. I was a little nervous about my costume because I hadn’t been a witch before and my hat was a bit small.

It was almost as if someone was trying to  tell me that costumes were for children!

This year the Ghost Train has a whole new look and it is awesome! Purple lights greet you as you step aboard and they create a soothing yet eerie atmosphere combined with a wonderful new soundtrack with music to put everyone into the spirit.

Right before our eyes as we waited for the train to depart, the autumn skies darkened and the excitement level of our car began to rise.

A few giggles could be heard as the theme to the Adam’s Family played while fingers snapped in time and the train slowly pulled out from the station.

The Ely Ghost Train is not to be missed! Your children will thoroughly enjoy the experience, and so will you! Don’t think your spouse wouldn’t enjoy this as a totally unique date night experience. And if you sit outside it will be so scary you will get plenty of hugs. Just make sure you follow the directions and keep those arms inside the car!

Nevada Northern’s Haunted Ghost Trains have been selling out for the past three years and an early sell-out is expected this year; so hurry and get your tickets now. Just call 775-289-2085.  Group rates for parties of 12 or more, with one person paying.  Applicable discounts apply for White Pine/Eureka residents,

AAA members, Active Military & Vets, and members of the Nevada Northern Railway. Check out the video to see how we roll on this spooktacular train.