By G Wop

The first snow has fallen and disappeared.

What a great day to set around and read.  My choice for reading is Sue Grafton’s W is for Wasted.  When I am finished it will be in the Senior Center.

The Twisted Jack Social Club held a very successful drive for warm clothes, and they would like to thank you. If you still have something to donate call Mike at 296-0606. Mike will arrange to pick your items up.

Carol asked when Hitler was Times man of the year.  It was in 1938 that Hitler was man of the year.  Now we really have a mystery,  what makes the ocean sound you hear in  seashell?

Nancy  Kobasziar  once again won the big bingo pot.

The Wild Bunch dropped to number 2. The USTa BE are now number one. Team X won 4 games and will be 1 soon. (Did you know the I Pod does not have a number sign)

We have another drawing coming up and it is  good one, so get your clipping in.
Remember Halloween is coming and all the kids will be out.  Please drive carefully.

Oct. 19 is the Scary Scramble on the White Pine Golf Course.

The Ghost Train is running. If you have never gone for the ride, this is a good time.

Oct. 25 is the Community Halloween Party.

Oct. 26 is Punkin Chunkin,  the Lyon’s Club has worked hard on this and would like to see you there.

November will have lots of fun. First Friday, Food Drive Train.
Eureka is having a Holiday Bazaar on Nov. 15  and 16.

Monday – Lemon Pepper Fish, Rice Pilaf, Veggies and Fruit.
Thursday – Pork Chops, Scalloped Potatoes, Veggies and Fruit
Wednesday – Waffles, Bacon, Scrambled Eggs and Strawberries
Thursday – Roast Beef/Gravy with Trimming, Fruit and Birthday Cake

Fascinating Facts – in the eighteen century the French Comte d’Artois opened a set of diamond buttons, each of which had a miniature clock encased inside it.

A dad knows how to give his children good advice.  But he also knows that his children need to think things out for themselves and form their own conclusions.  There are times when they must do the talking, times when they can really use a friend who will listen…and understand.
Edward Cunningham