The Garnet Pantry is a new arrival at the Garnet Mercantile and features local products. (Lukas Eggen photo)

The Garnet Pantry is a new arrival at the Garnet Mercantile and features local products. (Lukas Eggen photo)

By Lukas Eggen
Ely Times Staff Writer

The Garnet Mercantile is looking to offer customers more incentives to bring customers in through offering new items and a contest for bullets or a $75 gift card. To be entered for the bullets or gift cards, people must complete a scavenger hunt or answer trivia questions about White Pine County and Nevada.

“This will be running until Nov. 18,” Manager Mary Howes said. “The drawing will be on Nov. 20. From what I can gather, these bullets are worth a lot these days and are difficult to come by and the clues help lead people from one department to another in the store.”

Sportsworld donated the box of bullets. And a second contest will begin in November for a second box of bullets, Howes said.

“We just want people to come into the store and have some fun,” Howes said. “We will help you with the clues and questions so you can get your entry in.”

The Garnet Mercantile is also looking to expand its offerings past clothing. Among the offerings the Garnet hopes to offer includes offering pieces of furniture for sale as well as the Garnet Pantry, which will be filled with things that were available during the Farmers Market.

“The Garnet Pantry is stuff from the Renaissance Village that was sold during the Farmers Market during the summer,” Howes said. “This is what was left from it. We’re selling it for Friends of the Garnet to help get the money for the shoes that will be purchased here. There will be honeys salsas, almonds as well as tables and chairs that are now for sale.

“We’re trying to expand into different areas to try and get more people in the door. We’re also checking into homemade jams and jellies and would make really good gift ideas.”

Howes said she hopes the Garnet Pantry will become a fixture at the store and be kept stocked with local offerings.

“It’s something we would like to keep stocked,” Howes said. “It’s all the local stuff from the Farmers Market and that’s really where we’d like to keep it. It’s another access point for people to get some stuff that was sold during the

Farmers Market during the fall. It will be all canned goods and some really interesting combinations. It’s something we plan to keep stocked up to add some other things for people to come shopping for.”
Since reopening its doors in July, Howes said the Garnet Mercantile is working to improve its selection of clothes and shoes to the community and find its footing.
“It’s been slow and struggling right now,” Howes said. “A lot of that is still trying to get merchandise into the store, so we’re working on it. That’s why the Friends of the Garnet was brought up. They’re trying to help us raise money to order merchandise as well as buying shoes from us to give the kids in the (Children Against Child Hunger) program and things like that. The Friends of the Garnet is helping us to get money together to get more inventory.”
But although it’s been difficult in the early going since its reopening, Howes said the Garnet will continue to play a role in the community in the future.

“It just strapped us to be closed for six months,” Howes said. “Shoes are hard to get into the store and that’s what we’re lacking the most right now. But we’re getting there slowly but surely. We’ll be open late with specials going on, customer appreciation night is in November; we’re going to help with the Fashion Show and have candy for the trick-or-treaters. We want to see how much we can get involved in and stay busy and get people into the store to see how it’s changed and that it is different.”