KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe White Pine County Commission voted to donate $5,000 to support the Nevada Association of Counties regarding the lawsuit that would require the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada to bring the wild horse and burro populations on public rangelands to appropriate management levels.
“This is a mining community,” Commissioner Laurie Carson said. “Aside from the mining, we rely heavily in regards to our tourists that come up so far as recreation. Our recreation, deer hunting, fishing, our ranchers and farmers along with that…I think that the horses as it was explained before, with drought conditions, the ranchers have to get their animals, their sheep, their cattle off. They work in conjunction, but they are the first ones that have to remove their animals from the grazing allotments. If the number of horses is not in compliance, they are there to eat whatever the cattle would.”
The motion passed unanimously as the commissioners agreed on a $5,000 donation.
“I think it’s really important and something that should have been done years ago,” Commissioner Mike Lemich said. “…Whatever we can afford I support totally and the maximum.”
Commissioner Richard Howe said that the county fully supports the cause and felt comfortable that $5,000 was an amount the county could afford to spend. Commissioner Mike Coster said the county’s investment in the lawsuit will pay big diviends for the county in the long run.
“I think the money we spend on this is going to more than pay off to the county in terms of the revenues we get out of grazing and ranching as well as tourism,” Coster said.
The County Commission also voted on the following items:
• Approval for possible action regarding interest in co-hosting with Eureka and Lincoln Counties the 2014 NACO Annual Conference.
• Approval of recommendation submitted by White Pine County Public Lands Users Advisory Committee to submit a letter to Great Basin National Park Superintendent Steven Mietz requesting that the review and public comment period for the Great Basin National Park Invasive Plant Management Plan be extended for a period of 30 to 60 days since the EA was not available due to the Federal Government shutdown.
• Approval of a grant application for the Emergency Preparedness Working Group FY 2014 grant.
• Approval of acceptance of Emergency Preparedness Working Group FY 2013 in the amount of $44,810.
• Approval of acceptance of Emergency Preparedness Working Group FY 2012 in the amount of $46,200.
• Approval of extension of time request through Sept. 30, 2014 for Jim Wilkin Trucking to complete all of the construction on the park projects.
• Approval of extension of time request through June 30, 2014 for Renner Sports Surface to complete the White Pine County Tennis Court.
• Approval to assign individuals to negotiate Interlocal Agreement for police/fire/animal control services with the City of Ely.
• Approval to assign individuals to negotiate interlocal agreement for changed distribution of CTX revenues with the City of Ely and White Pine County hospital district.
• Approval of request for proposal for information technology management services.
• Approval of change to Ag Ditrict No. 13 capital improvements, reducing the restroom/septic project to $343,500 and adding electrical upgrade in the amount of $6,500.
Approval to appoint Deborah Underwood to replace Robert Bishop on the audit committee. Commissioner Coster voted against the item.
• Approval to appoint Bunny Hill as interim Emergency Medical Services supervisor as of Oct. 31. Chairman John Lampros said Hill volunteered for the position. Commissioner Coster originally made a motion to appoint Chris Flannery as the interim EMS supervisor, but the motion died for a lack of a second. Coster cited Flannery’s experience in the field as a reason for making his motion.
The commission also received quarterly grant updates from the county’s different departments.