Ahlvers1Ahlvers2-1Ava Ahlvers preps to donate the supplies collected during her birthday party.

Kids helped celebrate Ahlvers birthday by bringing in pet supplies.

Six-year-old Ava Ahlvers celebrated her birthday in a special way this year. Ahlvers, whose birthday fell on Make A Difference Day, decided to celebrate her birthday by helping animals. Ahlvers chose to have a food drive for animals in White Pine County, inviting her friends to her party and asking that they bring food and treats for dogs and cats in lieu of gifts. After the party, Ava donated more than 28 pounds of cat food, 213 pounds of dog food, 32 bags and boxes of dog and cat treats and 14 dog and cat toys.

The supplies were donated to the Zoo, where Brenda Alexander said she was shocked by the amount that was donated.
“We knew it was coming, but I was surprised to see how much they raised,” Alexander said. (Photos courtesy of Jenny Ahlvers)