“You can keep your health care plan, if you like it. Period”

That infamous quote will follow President Barrack Obama throughout history, as well it should. It was the biggest political whopper in the health care reform debate.

The president promised Americans that Obamacare wouldn’t be disruptive. If you have plans and doctors you like, you can keep them. “Period”, he said. Yet now that we get into the meat of the Obamacare law, we find that millions of Americans will get kicked off their health care plans and in many cases forced into more expensive Obamacare-compliant plans.

President Obama is the primary culprit for this lie. He gets first blame. But others were involved, too. Not the least of which was Nevada’s own Sen. Harry Reid. Using virtually the same words, Mr. Reid promised Nevadans the same thing.

If we like our existing plans and our doctors, we can keep them. Nothing in ObamaCare would change that, he told us.

What Harry Reid and the president should have said is that if they like our health care plans, we can keep them. They sold us a bill of goods. Period.

An apology, at the very least, is in order. — SF