Marriages and Divorces for the month of October
Michael Anthony Lopez and Christina Marie Hargis, both of Ely, Oct. 4
Derek Leon Thomas and Laurel Ann Hughes, both of Ely, Oct. 7.
Jarrett E. Hunter and Crista Marie HNollenberg, both of Las Vegas, Oct. 7.
Donald Allen Mason and Amber Dawne Skye, both of Ely, Oct. 18.
Michael Edward Swope and Alicia Denali Harmening, both of Ely, Oct. 28.
Dakota Ryan Hansen and Eryca Richell Lawsell-Buck, both of McGill, Oct. 30.
Robert S. Coble and Claudia Vargas, both of Ely, Oct. 31.

Kathryn Lacovara and Casey Lacovara, Proper Person, Oct. 31.