By Lukas Eggen
Ely Times Staff Writer

Nevada Congressman Steven Horsford sponsored the Rural Small Business Forum last Friday. The forum was held in Moapa Valley and available via videoconference to other places in rural Nevada.

“The forum was an opportunity for us to connect constituents from Yerington to Logandale and Ely to Pahrump with resources to make running a small business easier,” Horsford said. “We received positive feedback from those who participated and we’re looking forward to continue to help those who attended a one-on-one basis.”

Among the topics discussed included access to capital and help for small businesses contracting with federal agencies. The forum also featured discussions on federally backed loan programs available to rural business owners as well as federal contract needs and opportunities in Nevada.

The forum featured participation from the Small Business Administration, the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, among many other organizations, who were on hand to present information and answer any questions attendees had. But Horsford said his office is always open for more questions that business owners may have in the coming months.

“My district offices will take follow-up questions and help guide those who come to us in the right direction,” Horsford said.

Although the Fourth Congressional District spans more than 50,000 square-miles, providing ways to help small businesses be successful now and in the future is one of his main goals, Horsford said. That’s because of the small business’ importance to the economy.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy,” Horsford said. “Creating jobs is my number one priority and the way we get people back to work is by working together to get companies hiring employees.”

Going forward that more forums may be put into place for small business owners across the district. But in the meantime, Horsford said it’s imperative that his office remains an avenue for rural business owners to go to not only to seek answers to questions and possible opportunities that are available to them from the federal government.

“We are going to continue reaching out in Nevada’s fourth congressional district,” Horsford said. “My job is to be a resource for all constituents and I will continue to work with my staff in Nevada to make sure every community is included in our efforts to improve the economy and create jobs.”

While Horsford is in the midst of a legislative session in Washington D.C., he said he will continue to look for new ways to reach out to his constituents in district four. By using different ways to reach out to his constituents, Horsford said his office works hard to make sure people can stay connected to the opportunities available to them and the issues going on that may affect Nevadans in the future.

“We find new and creative ways to reach out to all corners of the district,” Horsford said. “We’ve held telephone town halls that included residents from across the 51,000 square-mile district. We send newsletter blasts and updates about legislative activities. We have a rural community liaison that is consistently working to be present in different communities. In the near future, we hope to do a Google Hangout discussion that will allow constituents from across the district to hop online and join a conversation about the issues that are important to them.”