The White Pine County Commission voted to declare properties located at 27 Kestone St. and 37 Keystone St. in Ruth as a nuisance pursuant to NRS 244.360 during its meeting last Wednesday. The commission held a public hearing on the item. Residents of Ruth who were in attendance for the public meeting expressed concerns over the safety of the building and its condition.

County Building Inspector Chris Flannery said residents living around the properties have worked to keep the properties standing.

“What’s happening here is the neighbors have become the good stewards for these properties,” Flannery said. “Without these neighbors, they probably would have burned to the ground.”

Flannery said there was evidence of alcohol bottles from people who snuck into the building, as well as unsafe conditions that could be harmful to other people.

The commission voted unanimously to declare the properties a nuisance by resolution, which was drafted by District Attorney Kelly Brown.

“I think it should be cleaned up period,” Chairman John Lampros said. “…It’s ridiculous. (The owners) should have taken care of it before.”

The owners of the properties must now abate the property.

The White Pine County Commission also voted on the following items:

• Approval of the White Pine County/City of Ely Interlocal agreement for police/fire/animal control with the amounts to be $545,939 from Ely for police services, $22, 817 to Ely for animal control services and $143,122 to Ely for fire services for a net amount form Ely of $380,000. Commissioner Coster voted against the agreement.

• Approval of resolution 2013-01 for Standard County Policies and Procedures for the White Pine County Fire Protection District. Commissioner Coster voted against the item because of concerns of the way the resolution was written.

“This isn’t opposition, this is a request to refine our approach,” Coster said.

• Approval to temporarily suspend the $32 fuel surcharge attached to each building permit.

• Approval to authorize consulting services pursuant to NRS 278.575 as needed in the building and planning department as authorized by Chris Flannery in an amount not to exceed $25,000.

• Approval to augment the building and planning enterprise fund in the amount of $25,000 from fund balance into contract services to provide for consultants needed.

• Approval to increase the Director of the Emergency Management Office from half time to full time based on grant awards approved by the County Commissioners that fund the additional half time position and the need for increased hours to administer these grants.

• Approval of a plan to designate Patrice Lytle as a point of contact and to send Commissioner Mike Lemich, Russell Peacock, Sheriff Dan Watts and the Fire Chief to attend meetings as needed for continued monitoring of the nuclear waste licensing process on behalf of the county in the absence of the Nuclear Waste Project office.

• Approval to send correspondence to White Pine County’s delegation explaining the adverse impact the elimination of PILT will have on the County’s citizens and requesting full funding for PILT in FY 2014.

• Approval of acceptance of 2014 collection development funds in the amount of $1,778.

• Approval to send a letter of “thank you” to Mt. Wheeler Power Company for its decision to gift at no cost the power used for the public Christmas lighting in the communities.

• Approval to designate Commissioner Laurie Carson for re-appointment to the State Land Use Planning Advisory Council. Commissioner Mike Lemich will be the alternate.

• Tabling possible approval of submitted recommendations regarding opening of bids process.

• Approval for Commissioner Richard Howe and Community and Economic Director Jim Garza to attend the I-11 Stakeholder Partner meetings.

• Approval of the following recommendations from the Nov. 5 Building Subcommittee meeting: Approval that the Commission should not take any action on the Court Facility needs assessment, program and conceptual design proposal submitted by GML Architects until early spring of 2014.

• Approval of recommendation that the County should not take any action on the Public Safety Center needs assessment, programs and conceptual designs until early spring of 2014.

• Tabling possible approval of the 2013-14 Fiscal Year comprehensive Economic Development strategy priorities.

• Approval to evaluate the information technology request for proposal and approval of the evaluation tool to be utilized for the information technology RFP.

The commission also set interviews for its District Fire Chief position for 10 a.m. on Dec. 2.