The Ely Lions Club named Tali Vinson as its Teacher of the Month. Vinson, who has a B.S. and an M.A. in elementary education, taught kindergarten, third and fourth grades at the elementary school level. Vinson and her husband have been Nevada residents since 1996 and are the proud parents of two children.

From left, David E. Norman Principal Rebecca Murdock, Tali Vinson and Stephen Bishop. (Courtesy photo)

From left, David E. Norman Principal Rebecca Murdock, Tali Vinson and Stephen Bishop. (Courtesy photo)

“When I first met Mrs. Vinson, she was working with students with special needs at the middle school,” David E. Norman Principal Rebecca Murdock said. “Even then, her compassion and patience were two of her greatest qualities. Today, she is a third grade teacher at David E. Norman. She continues to use those qualities as she goes the extra mile to know the needs of her most struggling students. But that doesn’t define all she does. Mrs. Vinson works well with all students. While finding support for her most needy, she also challenges those who easily learn the material.”

Murdock said Vinson’s effects on students reach beyond the students she teaches.

“At any given time, you can go to Mrs. Vinson’s classroom and find students engaged in some sort of reading, writing, or a combination of both,” Murdock said. “Her lessons allow students to practice skills in a variety of coursework. For example, during math, students identified number sentences from the text of a story. They used those sentences to study math, but they also used the sentences to write a summary of the story they read together, reinforcing summary writing. She truly understands the connection between literacy skills and all learning.”

All in all, Murdock said Vinson exemplifies what it takes to be an effective educator.

“Mrs. Vinson is well deserving of this recognition,” Murdock said. “She reflects on her practices and never settles for good enough. She is often found putting in the extra time necessary to provide her students with more profitable learning experiences. She exemplifies our theme this year: Good, better, best; never let it rest. She is always working to make whatever it is better.”