Let’s make sure everyone gets this perfectly clear about the court ruling on
the Southern Nevada Water Authority water grab; this ain’t over. Yes, the recent court ruling was a “complete victory” for us – but only a victory of a court battle, not the water war. SNWA will appeal this verdict. The State Engineer will reconsider with the new court ordered constraints. In fact, it’s a sure sign that we can’t let our guards down yet, when SNWA has claimed victory also. But don’t let them fool you. We won this round. We won big. With triggers, SNWA won’t be able to pump on – while we have to sue (for decades) to stop them. And with a more accurate assessment of what water is really out there, SNWA won’t be able to over-pump right from the start. What this means is much less water from the water grab, and consequently much more expensive water. Meanwhile desalination continues to get cheaper. The water grab war is starting to look win-able. Which means the Great Basin Water Network needs your help now more than ever. GreatBasinWater.net

Rick Spilsbury
Delaine Spilsbury
GBWN Board Members

Merry Christmas from The Zoo, Inc. to you!  I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported The Zoo this past year.  Our spay and neuter program has increased this past year and I am very happy for that.  It is my hope for the new year that less and less animals will be euthanized because people have taken responsibility to have their animals spayed and neutered.  The Zoo will be closed during January and February 2014 for much needed purging and cleaning.  We will have an area on the side of our building that you are welcome to come and take a bag or box for free, but you must take the whole bag or box and not rummage, please!  Also, we cannot take any donated items during those months. We will still network our animals and offer our spay and neuter program, please call 775-289-3252 or 775-296-0659 to schedule. We still have many of the dogs that were abandoned a few months back.  They have made great progress in their foster homes and it is time for them to move on to their permanent homes.  They will continue to need a lot of TLC and it has been proven that is what worked for these guys.  If you want to give your love to one of them, please adopt.  The special people that will adopt these dogs know who they are. The foster families are the true heroes and I want to thank them so much. They have given these dogs the ability to trust humans.  It has been a very humbling, difficult and a beautiful experience for all of us.  Don’t miss out!

Brenda Alexander,
The Zoo, Inc.