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Ely Times Staff Writer

As 2013 has come and gone, it’s the time of year to look ahead and come up with resolutions for 2014. Mayor Jon Hickman has come up with four that he thinks will benefit the city of Ely and make 2014 one to remember.

Acquire Tiger grant for Railroad
Hickman says that his biggest goal for 2014 is to get a TIGER grant from the government to reconnect the railroad to the Union Pacific line. He sees opportunity to run freight into town and connect with mines to generate revenue for the city.
Railroad track could even lead to businesses expanding to White Pine County since it would offer a great place for a distribution center with cheaper transportation costs, according to the mayor.
“Every time anybody would use the line, they would have to pay the city for the use of the line and that would be a great thing,” Hickman said.

Fire Department meeting room
One of the things the mayor put on the next agenda for the next city council meeting, Hickman hopes to see the fire department meeting room by City Hall remodeled to have a more appropriate home for future city council meetings.
Since the lease expired with city council and the volunteer fire department, the future home for council meetings has been a murky topic. The next meeting will be held in the senior center, followed by the armory hosting meetings the rest of the year until the proposed remodel would be complete.

Dialysis Center
The building for the new dialysis center downtown is another big one for the mayor. Having had kidney problems himself, he understands that it is important to have treatment closer to home and 2014 will see the new center’s grand opening.
“Right now people have to go all the way to Elko to get dialysis. So this is going to be a big deal when this opens up,” Hickman said.

More Shops Downtown
Downtown is one of the areas Hickman would like to see grow. He hopes not only to see new small businesses open but also to have the community come out and support them.
“If we could get some more stores down there, I would really like to see people down there supporting them. The prices might be a little higher, they are small stores that can’t compete with the Walmart in Elko, but it would be great to have people do their shopping here and not have to go to Elko,” Hickman said.