Staff report

Drivers licenses valid for eight years are coming to Nevada.

Starting on Jan. 2, drivers born in even numbered years will be able to apply for the longer term license when their current license expires.

Starting in 2017, drivers who were born in odd years will also receive the eight-year cards. Drivers with 4-year licenses will still be allowed to renew at kiosks, online and through the mail.

Drivers over 65-years-old will still receive four-year licenses so they can have their health and vision checked.
Eight-year licenses can only be issued at a Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles office, and will cost $41.25 — double the standard $19 fee, plus a $3.25 card issue fee.

The DMV is also adding a designator for veterans. Service men and women who were honorably discharged may send their discharge papers with their renewal forms, or bring the forms to the DMV with them. Veterans licenses will have a small eagle in the bottom right of the card, and the word “veteran” printed in blue on the card.