To the Editor,

Some comments to clear the air about Delaine Spilsbury’s letter to the editor:
Firstly, Mt. Wheeler Power purchases no electricity from the Intermountain Power Project (IPP). IPP is owned by Utah municipal power organizations. The lions share of the power is purchased by Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. The plan is managed by L.A. water and power. They claim to be a very green oriented city. If the plant is a “dirty plant” then shame on them.

Secondly, Mt. Wheeler Power has a power allocation from Glen Canyon Dam. Any power that is needed above that allocation is purchased from Deseret G&T. Mt. Wheeler is one of six cooperatives that own Deseret G&T. Deseret G&T owns the Bonanza Power plant near Vernal, Utah, a coal mine near Rangely, Colo. and 25 percent of Hunter II near Price, Utah. Deseret is a non-profit cooperative.

Thirdly, Mt. Wheeler is a non-profit cooperative. Any margins (profits) Mt. Wheeler earns are credited back to the consumers.

Fourthly, the idea that carbon dioxide (CO2) produced from coal is changing our climate makes no sense. Earth’s atmosphere is made up of 78 percent nitrogen gas, 21 percent oxygen and one percent other traces gases. CO2 is one of the trace gases. The amount of CO2 that comes from “manmade sources” is miniscule. CO2 is one of the gases we exhale while breathing. It is the gas that plants need to survive and thrive. More CO2 should make healthier plants.

Lastly, because of the dismal failure of Germany’s “renewable power policy” wind and solar, they are now building 23 coal generation plants.

Rod McKenzie