By Garrett Estrada
Ely Times Staff Writer

John Lampros was reelected as chairman to the White Pine County Commission for 2014 and Laurie Carson was reelected as vice chair at the commission’s last meeting on Jan. 8.

“I feel good that they respect me enough to put me back in office,” Lampros said.

Going into his fourth consecutive year as chairman, Lampros said one of the things he was most proud of accomplishing last year was the progress made on the indoor swimming pool project for the county.

“One of the things that we have accomplished and are very happy to do and after 30 years of people wanting we are almost completed with the new swimming pool for the county,” Lampros said. “There are things we can still do and get done here.”

Moving forward into the new year, Lampros said he also looks forward to the renovation of the old Ely Times building into an administration facility and welcoming in the new fire chief.

County Commissioner Mike Lemich supported Lampros in the meeting before the commission voted, stating that keeping the same people in their positions will make the transition into the new year smoother. He also cited the audit of the county that ended in 2013, saying through the cooperation of Lampros and Carson with the rest of the commission, the county is in “good financial shape” for the foreseeable future.

“I think they have us headed in a good direction,” Lemich said.

There was some tenson between the commissioners before the vote, with commissioner Mike Coster saying he would like to discuss the possibility of making a change. Coster cited county ordinance that advises a change in leadership after two years.

“I thought that that was good guidance. Even if you were to just rotate the Chairman and Vice Chairman, I think if we are advising others to do it then we should do the same,” Coster said.

Coster has butted heads with Lampros in the past. He said Lampros can be “moody” but acknowledged that he found him to be fair.
In the end, there were no other nominees and Lampros won the vote 4-1.

Lampros said sometimes things can get a bit “heated” but he didn’t have any comment on Coster’s remarks.

As for the reelection of Laurie Carson, Lampros said he’s excited to have her back as vice chair, going on to say the two make a good team.

“She is a very capable county commissioner. We understand each other and work quite well together,” Lampros said.