By G Wop

I don’t know about you, but this was a long hard week.  Too many places to be at one time. Next week is to be a calm time. I hope you kept busy and healthy.

The ECCA has set up a donation account at First National Bank of Ely for a reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the injury to a house.

This was a very cruel act and I do hope this person is brought to justice.

Bingo was a very shearing game. There were 10 players and 10 winners. Vi won the big pot.

Bowling has started, boy you never saw so many happy people. Came join us.
Don’t forget the exercise on Tuesday and Thursday before lunch.
There is pinochle after lunch on Fridays.

Pat Grant was the lucky one who won Rail Road tickets. Pat love the Rail Road.

If you want to win.. Cut out this article, find the mistake, wright your name and phone number on it. Then place it in my box at the Senior Center.
Answer from last week — you must have 5/8 of a torn dollar bill to redeem it.

New question — Because of a reflex action, a rattlesnake can bite you how long after it is dead?

The Sheepherders Ball is this weekend. I find this very interesting and would like to hear from any one who attends.

Fire & Ice Sculpturing will start this weekend. We need some more cold weather.

Ely Rotary Club Ice Fishing Derby is on the 25th.

Fascinating Facts — The blazer jacket is named for a British ship, H.M.S. Blazer. The ship’s captain insisted that his crew always wear blue jackets with metal buttons, even for casual duty.

Monday– Oven Fried Chicken, Potato Wedges, Veggies and Fruit
Tuesday – Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce, Salad, Garlic Bread and Fruit
Wednesday – Hot Turkey Sandwich, Mashed Potatoes, Zucchini and Fruit
Thursday – Pork Roast, Roasted Potatoes, Cauliflower and Fresh Apple
Friday – Grilled Salmon, Alfredo Sauce/ Noodles, Fruit, Veggies and Dessert

RSVP has a transportation program which provides free escort door to door safe transportation for seniors and disabled persons giving them access to services, medical appointments, to pick up prescriptions and shopping.  Call 289-6323.

Friendship, compounded of esteem and love, derives from one it’s tenderness and it’s permanence from the other.
Samuel Johnson