The Ely Times

NV Energy and Great Basin Transmission South officially dedicated the 231-mile long One Nevada Transmission Line Jan. 23, marking the completion of a three-year project that electrically connects NV Energy’s northern and southern service areas for the first time. ON Line also enables the development of renewable energy in remote parts of Nevada.
The bulk transmission line is energized to 500,000 volts and has an initial capacity of up to 800 megawatts.
The line runs from the Harry Allen Generating Station north of Las Vegas to the new Robinson Summit Substation located about 20 miles west of Ely. Eleven separate renewable energy projects are now being served by the new line, which also enhances the overall energy-sharing efficiencies of NV Energy’s 10 generating stations located throughout Nevada.
Michael Yackira, NV Energy chief executive officer, said, “The One Nevada Transmission Line plays a vital role in the development of renewable energy that will benefit our customers. This project also helps to strengthen our reliability, as well as provide important dispatch capabilities that will help our customers save on energy.”
Paul Caudill, NV Energy president, said, “The development of this important transmission asset is an indicator of NV Energy’s desire to find new and better ways to serve our customers, while preserving the environment and natural habitat that make Nevada such a special place.”

Nevada Senator Harry Reid said, “Construction of this transmission line created hundreds of jobs for Nevadans, thanks to the public-private partnership that was made possible by the Recovery Act. This vital project will deliver hundreds of megawatts of clean renewable energy to the grid. Completion of the ON Line transmission project is an important step towards unlocking Nevada’s vast clean energy potential and strengthening our state’s electric grid for the future.”

Great Basin Transmission South, an affiliate of LS Power, owns 75 percent of the line, and NV Energy owns 25 percent of an undivided ownership interest in the project. NV Energy has rights to 100 percent of the line’s initial capacity until LS Power completes other potential project phases, collectively known as the Southwest Intertie Project (SWIP).
Mike Segal, Chairman of LS Power, said, “We are proud to be a part of this important project for the State of Nevada which helps improve grid reliability, efficiency and delivery of renewable energy.  We appreciate the efforts of NV Energy, the Department of Energy and the entire ON Line team in realizing this milestone.”

Cheryl LaFleur, acting chairwoman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, said the project will enhance reliability of service, reduce costs for Nevada customers and connect to new sources of power.

“This one line will enable an array of just about every kind of clean power there is,” LaFleur said. “Solar, molten salt storage, wind, geothermal and hydro, all enabled by this    project.”
She  said the project was notable for its technologically advanced V-shaped tower design and its ownership structure. ON Line was created in partnership between Great Basin Transmission South, an affiliate of LS Power, which owns 75 percent, and NV Energy, which owns 25 percent. “It’s one of the first partnerships between an incumbent vertically integrated utility, NVE, and an independent transmission provider, LS power — something we’re seeing more of right now,” LaFleur said.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) provided a $343 million loan guarantee to GreatBasin Transmission South to help finance the project.  This is the first and only large scale transmission project in the portfolio managed by DOE’s Loan Programs Office.

Sturgeon Electric Company, a MYR Group subsidiary, provided construction services for the transmission line, and Wilson Utility Construction Co. built the new substation in White Pine County, Nev.

The project also includes a new four-mile-long intertie line that connects the new line and substation to NV Energy’s northern service territory.