Hi my name is Britney H. I am in 5th grade. I picked your state because I want to learn more stuff about it. I live in Washington State. I am excited to learn more about Nevada. I like sports. Like Volleyball, basketball, soccer. If you have never played it you should try. I think you would like it! All there people I know love it!

I am doing something in class called state reports. It is fun. What I need is from your state is a little flag. Also a license plate, some candy from Nevada. I would love anything. Plus some postcards too. I would also like some key chains. Some books about Nevada. Also will need it by April.

If you can’t get it it is ok.  Thank you if you can get it that would be AWESOME! If you do give me somethings. I would get a A+. I would be really happy. My whole family would be happy. Thank you some much for your help. You are awesome!

Britney H, Mrs. Talbert’s class
Conway School
19170 State Route 534
Mount Vernon, WA 98274

Britney H.

I would like to send Kudos to Precision Automotive for installing transmission in our truck and getting us back on the road in 25 hours. very courteous and Helpful

Chuck and Pam Felton
Challis, Idaho