By G Wop

I hoping your week went as well as mine. I stayed busy and out of trouble. I talked to many interesting people and learned many things.

One of the interesting things I did was visiting the Art Bank. I found the Art a Bank a trip well worth going. The ladies there are quite knowledgeable about everything in the store. There things there you would not believe.

There has been another scam. People are getting calls to pay their Mt Wheeler bills on the phone! Mt Wheeler does not call. Do not give out your information.

Mentally strong people do not – Remaining in their comfort zone. The comfort zone is a dangerous place, a dark abyss where anyone who remains there to long loses his or his entirely. Staying within your comfort zone is giving up on life.

February is here and the Northern Nevada Railroad is having the winter photo shoot on the 7, 8 & 9.

On Feb. 8, the Elks Club is have the Crab Crack.

Remember the first Friday of every month is the Northern Nevada Food Bank. February 7 is the date.  Come about 3:15.
Answer to last weeks question – a rattlesnake can bite up to an hour after it is dead.

New question – what percent of people who see the word yawn or see yawning have the urge to yawn?  ( I know I am one)

Bingo – Barbara and Inge shared the big pot, but Rosemary was barging that she won most of the pots.

I wish I had the bridge news, but as it happens I am not there on Monday. Please call and let me know 289-6323. I will be glad to put it in print.

Bowling — team X had a lot of fun. They lost the first by 3 pins. James did his part,but I did not. The second game I gave it my all and bowled a 160. We lost by 1.
The third game We were tied up to the end and James got real pushy. We won the game and total pins.

Everyone is hoping for some cold weather so they can go ice skating.

Fascinating Facts — The last will and testament of the great French writer Francois Rebelais reads as follows. “I have nothing. I owe much. The rest I leave to the poor.”
Menu was not ready for the news. I am sure every day be some of the best food you ever eat.

RSVP has a Home Companion Program volunteers provide the emotional support, socialization , and human contact that is necessary for the home bound elderly.

Spring Morning
Life is a spring morning if you’ve got a friend, someone to walk with and talk with and to turn to.

Life is a spring morning if you’ve got a friend to share a little sun with, to help you along.
Now and forever you’ve got a friend.
—Alan Doan