Sandy Kelsey owns and operates the Ely H&R Block office. (Garrett Estrada photo)

Sandy Kelsey owns and operates the Ely H&R Block office. (Garrett Estrada photo)

Ely Times Staff Writer

Not many people claim to enjoy doing their taxes, but for Sandy Kelsey it becomes fun, like a game of find the most refund money.

“I like doing taxes,” Kelsey said. “I like the challenge to see how much money we can get people back.”

Kelsey has owned an H&R Block franchise in Wendover for 20 years. When her daughter took over that office, Kelsey opened up shop in Ely in 2006. Since then, she has become prepared for the rush of people looking to get their taxes done before the April 15 deadline.
“We work from nine in the morning until nine at night,” she said. “We see quite a few people.”

On her busiest of days, she said she might help close to 50 people. She said she would have customers come in on the last day, sometimes hours before midnight, and hope to get everything in on time.
Her advice?

Don’t wait until April to get the ball rolling.

“People think ‘I’ll wait until the last minute.” she said. “It is too bad. They should come in first so they have time to have us get any extra documents we can to help them out. If we have more time to work on it, we can usually get more back.”

H&R Block recently launched a large marketing campaign, saying Americans left behind a total of $1 billion by attempting to do their own taxes last year. Kelsey said oftentimes her customers don’t know all the ins and outs of the tax laws, which could make a big difference on their refund check.

“We spend at least a week with the IRS every year, getting up to speed on the latest and greatest on the tax laws. We’re studying them all the time,” Kelsey said.
Kelsey said one of the benefits her customers like is they can receive their refund on a reloadable debit card.
As for her payment?

“We can take the fee right out of the refund,” Kelsey said. “If you don’t see it, you don’t miss it.”

H&R Block is open Monday through Saturday and by appointment on Sunday. To schedule a tax appointment, call Kelsey at (775) 664-3727.