Please tell me that a grudge match between two personalities is not going to ruin our wonderful Nevada Northern Railway. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I only know what I’ve read in the paper, but, it seems to me these two individuals are locked in a fight-to-the-end battle that only stands to ruin it for the rest of us.

Hopefully, those who are really interested in the huge benefits that the Railway has brought to our community will take charge and will prevail in this ridiculous situation.

The benefits of the Railway for the image of Ely as well as the economic benefits should be of utmost interest to everyone involved.

This is yet another reason that the County and City should be merged. Here we are watching two personalities at loggerheads over something that should not be an issue. And, to know that the City Council could make a decision that affects the entire community for the worst, does not seem fair. If everyone in the area got to vote for representatives of the area, wouldn’t we have a larger pool to choose from with people who are not invested in a grudge match?
Come on, somebody, step in and talk sense and show true leadership.

Gloria Jean Smith aka Snuffy


Regarding this whole railroad issue, it’s time for people on both sides of this argument to come to their senses. So the City Council has some legitimate concerns about the Foundation’s accounts. I can certainly understand that, but if their motives were truly just to get some questions answered and help the railroad (like they’ve said it is) rather than looking for a way to cast aspersions on the executive director then they went about it un the wrong way.

The railroad museum’s executive director does not work for the City Council. He’s not even a city employee. The executive director is hired by the Foundation’s management board, which, is who the City Council appoints. If the City Council had concerns they should have contacted the management board.

On the flipside, the executive director has been responding in-kind trying to cast aspersion back on the City Council and by doing so ends up making the situation look worse than it actually is and may end up cooking is own goose in the process.
If there are issues let’s get them resolved.

The fact is that there are many things that the museum’s executive director does very well. The man is able to raise nearly $1 million in funding every year! He and his wife have both been tireless supporters of the railroad and I have both known them personally to work long days for weeks without so much as a day off. The railroad museum is in better and shape and operating better than it ever has, and in so doing is a real boon for the tourist industry in our area.

Furthermore, I have found the current City Council to be, by and large, populated by smart and successful people who have really been making some changes for the better in our community. The decisions they’re often faced with are not easy or popular ones to make. However, in this instance both sides have taken what should have been a simple, procedural, course correction and put their personal grudges and history behind it and turned it into a divisive and pointless fight in which the community will most certainly come out the loser.
If something needs to be changed at the railroad then let’s do it, and, City Council, let those whom you have appointed and the employees that those appointees have hired do their job.

You cannot (and might I add that you are not meant to) run everything yourself. For crying out loud, one of the people appointed to sit on the management board of the foundation owns and operates a bank! I am positive that he is capable of overseeing any changes that need to be made in the accounting of a small non-profit.

For the good of the community, this playground power play needs to end, whatever necessary changes need to be made and we need to move on. There are more important things that all parties involved could be doing.

P.R. Frank, Ely resident