NV Energy delivers donated office equipment to White Pine County. (Garrett Estrada photo)

NV Energy delivers donated office equipment to White Pine County. (Garrett Estrada photo)

Ely Times Staff Writer

With the completion of the One Nevada Transmission line project and the official dedication ceremony on Jan. 23, NV Energy finally closed its main Ely operations office on Tuesday.

Working with County Commissioner Laurie Carson, NV Energy donated the majority of the office furniture and equipment to the county since it no longer needs them.
“It was a very gracious thing for them to do,” Carson said.

Filing cabinets, office chairs, even a refrigerator were all donated as part of the construction office closure.
Construction Administrator to the project Randy Bosche said giving  back to the community  was much better than having it transported to sit in storage.
“It could’ve just gone back to Las Vegas or Reno and just sat there,” Bosche said. “I’m going to miss Ely. I really enjoyed the community.”
Bosche and his team ran the office that oversaw major parts of the construction of the $560 million project for two years. Everything from quality assurance to telecommunication for the 231-mile long line was handled out of the office, which sat on Aultman and 7th streets, next to the Verizon store.
Carson said the working relationship between the county and NV Energy was a mutually beneficial one, and called their donation “win-win” for both parties.
“They have been great neighbors while they have been here, hopefully they will come back and start another project,” Carson said.

According to  Carson, the office furniture could be put to use in the new administrative office the county has been working. She said it would be a nice improvement from the “old” furniture and equipment that the building currently has.