This past year White Pine County Public Museum hosted a Mining Expo dedicated to the mining industry here in the county. Robinson Nevada Mining Company and many others lent items of interest to the expo for all to appreciate.

Robinson decided to take the two Hewlett Packard computers, the ìOre to Copperî video that showed the whole mining process from ground to pure copper and the rock specimens that were used to help with the Mining Expo display and donate them to the museum.
John Taylor from RMNC’s IT department met with Bill Wilson and Howard Bohrn on Jan. 30 at the museum to make sure the computers were set up properly for continued use at the museum.

Robinson also made a donation to the McGill Elementary School in support of the school’s literacy incentive program.
The money will be used to purchase books, which will be given to students with perfect attendance at the end of each 9-week quarter.