Baseball pitcherBy Garrett Estrada

Ely Times Staff Writer

The White Pine High School baseball team got their first chance to play together as a team in a scrimmage at Lincoln over the weekend. Coach Quinn Ewell said the scrimmage helped him and his assistant coaches start to get a feel for how the team gels as they are still working on hashing out their starting roster.

“There were some people that stepped up and put themselves in a position to earn some playing time,” Ewell said.

According to Assistant Coach James Williams, these early season scrimmages are very important to a young team who haven’t played much together. Though the team has been running daily practices, Williams said there is no substitute for game experience.

“We can hit a lot of groundballs or hit all the pop-flys in the world at them but once it’s live, unscripted, unexpected, then we know what we really have,” Williams said.

What the Bobcats know they have so far is strong pitching. Led by Mike Williams and brothers Kade and Colton Britton, Ewell said the boys on the mound will hopefully carry the team as they improve in other areas.

“Our pitching is looking really good, that is our strong point right now as we are looking to improve on our hitting,” he said.

After only winning two games last season, Ewell had stressed to his team this season that they were going to have to be dedicated if they wanted to win and turn the program back around. Ewell said he felt last years team didn’t work for it, and it cost them in many games. Williams thinks this year’s team won’t have that problem.

“I like their attitude,” Williams said. “We are working on their physical abilities and all that but they do come out with a good attitude. I think that we have a good group of kids in general and if they keep putting in this effort it is going to start paying dividends.”