By Wop

This week sure was a wild one. I don’t think any thing went as planed. I made it and had some fun. Life is a wonderful thing. We all should enjoy all the people around us that bring surprises in to our lives. Keep your life interesting and don’t be afraid to have a new adventure every day.

Things that mentally strong people don’t do –

Thinking about the high possibility of failure. Our thoughts control our perspective; our perspective controls our results. The mentally strong understand this and use this to their advantage. There’s always the chance you may fail, but as long as there is the chance you may succeed, it is worth trying.

The Northern Nevada Food Bank was a success. We moved the lines faster and served more people. The only complaint we had is that people did not have time to visit. The next fresh food will be on April 4.

The USDA Food Distribution is scheduled March 15. This will be at the First Baptist Church at 3 p.m. Please bring you containers.

Nevada Legal Services will be at the Senior Center on Thursday, March 27. The sign up sheet is at the Senior Center.

Bingo had a big winner. Alice Susia won the big pot.

Bowling scores were all over the place. Allen bowled 170, LD got a 160. We also had a lot of improvement in our new bowlers. I think I was the only one who went back wards.

The answer to last weeks question is – Coffee drinkers have more sex. I guess they stay awake longer.

New question – What day of the week do most fatal car accidents occur on?

Fascinating Facts – Russia has the most movie theaters in the world.



Monday — St. Patrick’s Lunch, Corn Beef/Cabbage, Potatoes/Carrots and  Fruit

Tuesday — Spaghetti/ Meat Sauce, Italian Veggies, Fruit and Garlic Bread

Wednesday — Beef Stir Fry, Rice, Beet Salad and Mandarin Oranges

Thursday — Pork Roast, Roasted Potatoes, Cauliflower and Fresh Apple

Friday — Broccoli Cheese Soup, Egg Salad Sandwich, a Fruit and Dessert


Best friend poem continued

The world could use more people like you

It would certainly be a better place

I love everything about you

You are someone I  could never replace

— Margery Wang


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