Dear Editor,

This is my first “letter to the editor.” I have a personal interest. I am hurt and I am mad so I must tell of a recent injustice.

It is a sad day in the Ely community when a person is in court representing themselves to prove their innocence and justices and unprepared attorneys will not permit their pictorial and diagrammed evidence to be presented during the court session.

A citizen should have rights when being tried for a vehicle traffic accident of which the defendant is not responsible for damage to the offending vehicle. Where has social justice gone?

My dear citizens be aware. There are investigating deputies in the sheriff’s department that do not give honorable, honest testimony in court hearings and do not present honest, correctly written vehicle accident reports.

All of this injustice is degrading to the character of honest, honorable longtime citizens of the Ely community, White Pine County and the state of Nevada.



Virginia Hays