It’s election time at Mt. Wheeler Power, and you have a voice. Let it be heard.

An election will go forward for District 3 (McGill) between incumbent board member Jerry Morrill and Christopher Dailey.

The cooperative business model has many advantages, but it is the voting process — democratic control — that gives us one of the most influential and desired principles of a cooperative.

This is a great time to get involved and informed regarding the issues and what your director is doing about them.

When considering a board member, you should take a good look at their reputation and experience in the community: Do they have a strong ethical background, a high level of professionalism and good business sense? will you be able to count on their ability to make sound accounting decisions and employee policies?

It’s up to you to ask questions and make an informed choice. you have an opportunity here to make a difference in your electric cooperative.

Board Responsibilities

It’s important to recognize the responsibilities of your elected board of directors. Primarily, they are responsible for the control and management of the property, personnel, facilities, equipment and finances of Mt. Wheeler Power Inc.

They employ a general manager whom ensure the continued successful operation of the cooperative. They maintain authority to establish policies, approve plans and programs, and delegate authority to the general manager.

While the board delegates the day-to-day operatio to the general manager, it reserves the right to review operational activities for conformity to policy and plans. They board believes efficient management of the cooperative can exist only with mutual understanding and complete cooperative between the board and general manager.

So before you make your choice, take a moment to pick up the phone or schedule a meeting with the candidates. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions.

Know what you want from your elected board member and settle for nothing less.

Voting Regulations

Only the persons listed on a Mt. Wheeler Power membership application are eligible to vote. In joint memberships, such as a husband ans wife, a business or a partnership, the joint members must decide which person will vote because each membership is entitled to cast only one ballot.

You must be an active Mt. Wheeler Power member from District 3 to vote in the elections planned for April 12. All active members will receive an official ballot in the mail.

Please follow the instructions carefully. You will be provided with a postage-paid envelope to return your ballot to our cooperative attorney. Ballots must be postmarked by April 4 to be counted. Ballots will be delivered to the election committee on April 12 for counting.

Make sure you do not include account questions or payments in the election ballot envelopes; they will not be opened until April 12.

If you feel you should have received a ballot and did not, please contact us after March 17. Upon validation of your membership and address, we will provide you with the election material.

Successful candidates will be announced at Mt. Wheeler Power’s Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 12, in Ely at the Bristlecone Convention Center. Dinner will be served at 2 p.m. The business meeting will begin immediate after at 3:30 p.m.

Don’t let this unique opportunity pass you by. Place your vote and take an active role in your electric cooperative.

Board of Directors Candidates

District 3: McGill city limits plus 1/2 mile in all directions

Jerry T. Morrill (Incumbent)

Hi, my name is Jerry T. Morrill and I live in McGill with my wife, Rae Jean.

I am the present director of District 3 representing McGill for the past 6 years. I have enjoyed being the director for McGill for Mt. Wheeler Power.

In addition to attending regular board meetings, I have taken classes and became a credentialed cooperative director to better understand cooperatives, how they operate and how important cooperatives are to the people.

I am running for re-election for District 3. My concerns as a director is keeping power costs low and running an efficient operation.

I would appreciate your vote and continued support.

Thank you,

Jerry T. Morrill

Christopher Dailey (Challenger)

Chris Dailey was born in white Pine County and raised in McGill, Nevada, where his grandparents and parents resided since 1917.

He graduated from white Pine High School, attended UNR and has a Bachelor of Science Degree. Served in the U.S.Navy Submarine Force.

Chris worked as an Aerospace Engineer in the private sector. He is a retired Engineer from General Electric with 6 patents. Chris currently serves as the Jr. Vice Commander at VFW Post 3547 in Ely, and is the CEO of Bristlecone Energy a local renewable energy company. Chris has over 30 years experience in the electronic and energy fields.

His innovative approach to problems and solutions led to numerous patents in the fields of process development, system design and system integration. A background as a National Support Engineer for General Electric and a Field Engineer in geographically challenging areas, gives him a skill set that allows for a much more innovative approach to problems and solutions.

He would be an asset to Mt. Wheeler Power’s board and add to their ability to confront and overcome the inherent obstacles in today’s energy market and in service delivery.

As your District 3 Director, he will represent members concerns by ensuring they are addressed by the Board of Directors and Mt. Wheeler Power.

Christopher Dailey

Christopher Dailey

Jerry Morrill

Jerry Morrill