To the Editor,

I want to commend our law enforcement officers and give thanks for the dedicated service they give to each of us.

It was 9:30 p.m., Phil was in bed and I was just getting out of the bathtub when I heard a voice calling. I couldn’t understand what was said, but thought it must be a member of my family. I said, ”Who is it?” I heard a name being said over and over which was “Deputy” but I could not recognize the voice or what was being said.

I was frightened, not knowing what I should do. I put on my nightgown and peeked out the bathroom door. There I saw a big, good-looking man dressed in uniform with his gun at his waist and a flash light in his hand.

He said, ”I am a Deputy and I knocked on your door five times with no answer so I decided to enter your home to investigate a 9-1-1 call that we received from your telephone number.”

I told him that we had not made a 9-1-1 call but we had been having problems with our telephone. He said that could’ve been the problem and that he had experienced such problems before. We had a friendly visit and he was on his way back to Ely.

It was a cold, snowy night and the roads were icy and slick. To make a call at night at such a time like that shows dedication. It made me appreciate our law enforcement officers and the service they give to the citizens of White Pine County.


Ludean Carter


To the editor,

I appreciated your article on the White Pine County Aquatic Center, and our enthusiasm with the July 4th scheduled opening.  However, the May 14, 2013 County Commission vote for this construction was not unanimous.   Many residents, myself included, felt that the pool complex, originally planned at less than $5 Million to build, had grown too large and expensive with a $7 Million price tag.  At the same time, we saw that the annual operating costs were too uncertain, with estimates ranging from $420,000 to $535,000 each year — depending largely on unsettled electricity and staff costs.  Though the pool project had large support, it was because of these construction and operating cost concerns that I voted against the $7 Million contract in May of 2013.  Thank you.


Mike Coster

White Pine County